A Greedy New Year’s Sandwich

by meike peters

Roast Pork, Apple + Onion Sandwich

Happy New Year!

The timing couldn’t be better: it’s eat in my kitchen‘s Sandwich Wednesday and I really need one. There is no better food after a long night with Champagne and wine than a sandwich. My body wants some real food, hearty and rich! When I lived in Whitby in England a few years ago I used to go to a takeaway called “The Greedy Pig”. The food was amazing, fresh and soft buns stuffed with slices of roast pork, apples and gravy. I miss this place!

This week’s sandwich is dedicated to “The Greedy Pig”. You just need a soft bun or thick slices of white bread (I warm up my mountain buns which were still in the freezer) and stuff it with a few slices of roast pork from the butcher. Fry thin slices of an onion in butter until golden brown. Peel and cut an apple in thick slices. Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan and add a tablespoon of sugar, let it get golden brown. Lay your apple slices in the sugary butter, fry from both sides until golden and deglaze with brandy. Cut your bun in half, put a few slices of roast pork on one side, add the onion and apple with the brandy sirup. Sprinkle with fresh rosemary, close the bun and enjoy your Greedy New Year’s Sandwich!

Roast Pork, Apple + Onion Sandwich