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September 24th | BERLIN | Hotel de Rome
– In conversation with Cynthia Barcomi –

September 30th | MALTA | The Phoenicia

October 2nd | LONDON |Corinthia Hotel
– In conversation with Helen Goh –

October 8th, 7:00-8:00pm | NEW YORK CITY | Rizzoli Bookstore
– In conversation with Susan Spungen –

October 16th, 7pm| LOS ANGELES | Now Serving
– In conversation with Alana Kysar –

October 17th | SAN FRANCISCO | Omnivore Books
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“To live a year in Meike Peters’ life! In 365, Ms. Peters, who won a James Beard award for her 2016 book, Eat in My Kitchen, offers a meal for every night from January to December. The recipes are largely European in focus (Ms. Peters lives in Berlin and Malta), skew seasonal and, rare for a cookbook, tend to serve two. There’s some repetition, but isn’t that real life, where sometimes you’re eating alone, or making variations on a favorite dish? Weekends are earmarked for more time-consuming recipes: cakes and tarts, cookies and jam. Dinner, they’re not. But sustenance for the week ahead? Definitely.“ – The New York Times ‘The 13 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2019’

“If you want to change how you cook—to learn new tricks—I heartily recommend “365.” You may find some of her combinations challenging, but your everyday cooking will never be the same. Hey, life’s short; it’s time to try dates in your meatloaf!” – Christopher Kimball / Milk Street

“Peters’ recipes are flavorsome, wholesome and deceptively simple.“ – Town&Country Magazine ‘6 of The Best Seasonal Cookbooks 2019’

”Inspiration to get even the most jaded cook back in the kitchen.” – Independent ’11 Best Cookbooks 2019’

“With a recipe for each day of the year, you’ll never run out of inspiration here. Running through the entire calendar year, beginning in January, 365 concentrates on seasonal availability… Her recipes have a unique European and Maltese spin, filled with vibrant color and flavor.“ – Inquirer ‘5 of The Best Cookbooks 2019‘

“A fantastic collection of delicious and easy-to-make recipes.“ – Country&Town House Magazine 

“365 is filled with a year’s worth of recipes and stunning photography. Meike’s goal is to take the pressure off cooks and bakers with seasonal recipes that are approachable and provide variety.“ – Eat Your Books

“Every home cook faces the dilemma of trying to work out what to cook tonight. Thankfully, Meike Peters has made life a little more simple with her cookbook of 365 recipes for every day of the year. It’s a genius idea, and not only that, but the book is packed with mouthwatering ideas that we can’t wait to cook.“ – House&Garden Magazine

“The book offers tons of ideas and suggestions for quick, creative weeknight dinners; for colorful salads; for long-simmering weekend stews; and for delicious desserts.“ – Epicurus

“After cooking from Peters’ 365 I’m reminded that everything about cooking—from being in the kitchen, choosing ingredients, consulting recipes, singing along to the radio — is all about enjoying… Peters’ reminds us that each and every day of the year is about celebrating mealtime.“ – Shipshape Eatworthy

“Her first book, Eat in My Kitchen, was a sensation. This volume is better and bigger.“ – Cooking by the Book

“Don’t be surprised if this roast butternut squash with feta and pistachios (recipe no. 302 in 365) steals everyone’s attention from everything else on the table. It’s hard not to be completely smitten with the sophisticated edge that a sprinkling of pistachios along with some baked feta and a drizzle of cumin oil lends these comfortingly familiar roast squash wedges.“ – Leite’s Culinaria

“If this is the year of “cook more homemade meals,” then “365: A Year of Everyday Cooking & Baking” from James Beard Award winning author Meike Peters may be just the ticket. This cookbook helps you resolve to cook every day in 2020 and provides the approachable recipes that every home cook needs … I’m considering “365” as the antidote to a no-contest resolution like “cook more homemade meals.” Herald

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To Cook, to Bake, to Eat, and to Treat

(English and German)

EAT IN MY KITCHEN – To Cook, to Bake, to Eat, and to Treat Meike Peters captures the way people like to eat now: fresh, seasonal food with a variety of influences. It combines a northern European practical attitude, from the author’s German roots, with a rustic Mediterranean-inspired palate, from her summers in Malta. This highly anticipated cookbook is comprised of 100 recipes that celebrate the seasons and are awash with color. Followers of Meike Peters will be thrilled to have her exquisitely photographed recipes in print in one place, while those who aren’t yet devotees will be won over by her unpretentious tone and contagious enthusiasm for simple, beautiful, and tasty food. – Prestel Publishing, 2016

Winner of the 2017 James Beard Award General Cookbook of the Year

“Ms. Peters, a blogger who lives in Berlin, draws on a mix of German and Mediterranean influences. That includes Malta, where she has family, inspiring the addition of orange peel in a bittersweet chocolate Bundt cake and blood oranges in a steaming bowl of mussels. Her sandwiches … including one made with roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic: easy for lunch, suitable for hors d’oeuvres on little toast rounds, and alluring when assembled on long ciabatta breads for a party.”
The New York Times (‘Best Cookbooks 2016’)

“Eat In My Kitchen is an incredibly beautiful book. I’ve made several recipes from Meike’s book – the Pasta with Orange Butter, the Potato and Sauerkraut Latkes and the Bavarian Pork Roast – all incredibly delicious. The photographs are gorgeous in this title, taken by the author herself, and the recipes truly are crave-worthy. This will be a well-used tool in my kitchen for years and I’m hoping for much more from this talented writer.”
Eat Your Books (‘The Forty Best Cookbooks of 2016’)

“Food blogger Meike Peters’s premiere cookbook celebrates the seasons with 100 tasty recipes that celebrate fresh, seasonal dishes. It’s worth the purchase even if just for her exquisite food photography …”
InStyle USA (‘Best Cookbooks 2016’)

“Eat in My Kitchen,” by Berlin blogger Meike Peters, provides home entertaining tips as well as fastidiously written recipes that make everything from Maltese pastry to pork shoulder roasted in Bavarian beer seem breezily attainable. While Eat In My Kitchen is not purely vegetarian, Peters provides a wealth of everyday plant-centric menus in which meat is an accent, not the centerpiece.”
USA Today (‘The 16 Best Food and Beverage Books of 2016’)

“Sometimes a single recipe can encapsulate an entire cookbook. Eat in My Kitchen is filled with bold ideas reflecting Meike’s unbound imagination. The recipes here are most definitely NOT 1-2-3 simple. You can easily accomplish any of them, but you are going to need some time. The dishes are delightful because of their complexity: multiple ingredients unexpectedly combined into layers you’ve never, never seen before;”
The Huffington Post

“Peters excels at making simple recipes special, often with a dash of spice or a drizzle of dressing. A gorgeous cookbook to carry readers through all four seasons.”
Library Journal

“For all its historical influence, Berlin hasn’t borne much reputation as a gourmet capital. With her internationally admired food blog and now book of the same name, Peters may well change that. Although Peters’ cooking style has its foundation in German cuisine, she has spent much of her life in Mediterranean climes, so her cooking owes much to the influence of islands such as Malta and its neighbor, Gozo. Peters’ cooking liberally uses fresh ingredients, particularly herbs, which play a prominent role even in her cheese-stuffed meatloaf. She proudly promotes decidedly German dishes such as schnitzel, both of veal and pork. Oranges perfume many of her dishes, whether in a pork-roast crust, in salads, or in an uncommon spaghetti sauce with wild mushrooms. She pays homage to the lowly sandwich, which she elaborates with vegetarian options as well as meat-based versions. Color photographs help guide anyone wanting to reproduce Peters’ perceptive cooking.”

“Blogger Meike Peters is a fan of all things in moderation, and her debut book strikes a balance between healthy and indulgent. Try Mediterranean-inspired spiced salmon or feta, artichoke and zucchini casserole―then finish with chocolate-olive oil cake.”
― Self Magazine

“The winner of the 2017 James Beard Award for food writing, Eat in My Kitchen grew out of Meike Peters’ recipe blog of the same name. Peters, who is German, has a Maltese boyfriend, which helps to explain the strong pan-European flavour present in both the blog and the book. Sauteed Belgian endive wrapped in prosciutto di Parma is one such recipe … The New York Times recommends the delicious cod in parchment with wild leeks and red onions.”
The Week UK (‘The Best Cookbooks of 2017’)

“Eat in my kitchen is a wonderful selection of recipes, bursting with colour, beauty and flavour. Each page offers a new temptation”. 
Sami Tamimi, head chef, Ottolenghi restaurants, co-author of Ottolenghi: The Cookbook and Jerusalem

“I was totally blown away by the recipes and Meike’s photography – a true labor of love. Eat in My Kitchen is glorious – it engaged me from the first line “My food is in my hands” and kept me interested until the last chapter.”
Jenny Hartin, Sunday Supper

“Great food like great art speaks the truth. Meike’s recipes and photos are pared down, honest and revealing – I love what she does! She goes right for the sensory jugular leaving you wanting and needing more. Void of superfluous detail, Meike’s all about delicious food – brava!”
Cynthia Barcomi, pastry chef, founder of Barcomi’s, and author of six cookbooks

“Meike’s food combines the vibrant colors and flavors of her German home as well as her Maltese home-away-from-home. Her Pretzel Buns from the book are perfect examples. They are based on a German recipe, but use Maltese salt.”
Design Sponge

“This collection of 100 dishes is a must-read for anyone looking for a cooking lesson with inimitable charm.”
Food Republic

“Meike Peters’ new cookbook Eat in My Kitchen has our food-loving hearts beating fast and crushing hard.”
Honest Cooking

“What I love most about this [cinnamon apple crumb] cake is that while some fruit cakes can be on the dry side, this cake is anything but. It’s moist, buttery, and almost even doughy in the center if you cook it for just under an hour…which I did…and it was perfection.”

“Blueberry, Buckwheat, and Hazelnut Muffins—Ground hazelnuts and nutty buckwheat replace wheat flour to turn this muffin recipe into a gluten-free treat. The warmth of cinnamon merged with sweet juicy berries creates the most tempting aroma from the oven . . . This sweet Tyrolean classic features buckwheat and hazelnut sponge cake sandwiched with a red jam filling. It’s so pleasing to enjoy while sitting next to a warm fire, watching snowflakes fall in front of the window.”

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