My Pastrami, Turnip and Winter Purslane Sandwich

by meike peters

Sandwich with Pastrami

It’s Wednesday again, time for another sandwich!

At the moment I am really hooked on roots so my sandwich today can’t do without them. My choice is a German turnip called “Teltower Rübchen”. It tastes similar to horseradish, just a bit softer. I also have some winter purslane (sometimes known as miner’s lettuce), its flavor is quite mild and sits well with the turnip. I must admit that I chose the winter purslane because it looks really cute. The centre piece of this sandwich is Pastrami but I wouldn’t dare calling it a “Pastrami Sandwich” as, traditionally, this sandwich is literally piled up with slices of meat which is too much for me. This is lighter, on ciabatta bread, with a bit of olive oil, crushed pepper – delicious.

Sandwich with Pastrami

A Sandwich with Pastrami, Turnip and Winter Purslane

For 2 people you need

a small loaf of ciabatta
Pastrami, 6-8 slices
Teltower Rübchen, thinly sliced
horseradish, grated
winter purslane, a handful
(or rucola/ rocket, a few leaves)
olive oil
crushed pepper

Cut your bread and slice it in half. Drizzle some olive oil on the inside, line with the pastrami and put either the turnip slices or a bit of grated horseradish on top. Garnish with a few leaves of winter purslane or rucola and enjoy a big bite!