Oats and Plums

As a child I loved oats with cocoa powder and milk – the famous porridge. I loved it so much that I had to have a bowl of this every day and I think that was the beginning of my love for food which I had prepared myself. It might sound like a rather simple start to the culinary wonders of life. But I must have been around 5 years old when I cultivated this daily routine of going to the kitchen, preparing my bowl with oats, unsweetened dark cocoa powder, sugar and fresh milk. Always in the same bowl. It felt like a very special treat for myself, a pure moment of pleasure, eating with relish.

This intuitive routine which I created just for myself made me realise that I need these recurring moments of simple pleasure and enjoyment – a treat, just me and my food. This never changed, my approach to food is still totally intuitive. Since those days I discovered so much (I don’t concentrate on oats anymore) but I still feel the same satisfaction in the happy moments with my food, every day.

This morning I found a bag with puréed plums in my freezer which I had prepared originally for spontaneous ice cream ideas in winter (it makes such a wonderful ice cream when mixed with yoghurt). It was a very cold morning and I felt a bit nostalgic. I needed a bowl of steaming porridge and decided to sweeten it with my (warmed up) freezer-discovery. I took out a pan, cooked a bowl of oats together with milk until it bubbled and poured the warm plum sauce on top. I had made the plum purée from 300g / 10.5 ounces of plums mixed with a few tablespoons of sugar and some cinnamon.

So simple yet so delicious!