Ginger Honey glazed Navet Steaks with Orange Juice and Rosemary

by meike peters

Ginger Honey Root Steaks

When I saw these beautiful yellow turnips, also known as Navet, at the store, I had to buy them although I wasn’t really sure what to cook with them. They are related to beetroot but taste more like rutabaga. After 1 or 2 days of looking at them I found my inspiration, thick Navet steaks fried in butter with ginger, honey, orange juice and rosemary. I made a similar recipe with rutabaga in December and the combination of turnip and ginger is one that I like a lot.

This time, I wanted to add a few more aromas, the sweetness of honey, the fruity sourness of orange juice and some woody rosemary, all this combined in the buttery juices of my yellow turnip. The result left me speechless! I couldn’t get enough of this sauce, so thick, sweet, spicy and sour, simply amazing, and the Navet steaks covered in this sticky glaze combined perfectly with all the different flavours.

Ginger Honey Root Steaks

Ginger Honey glazed Navet Roots with Orange Juice and Rosemary

For a lunch or side dish for 2 you need

yellow turnip, cut into thick steaks, 2
(you can also use rutabaga)
ginger, grated, a thumbnail sized piece
honey, 1 teaspoon
orange juice for deglazing
rosemary, chopped, 2 tablespoons
butter 3 tablespoons
salt and black pepper

In a large pan, heat the butter together with the honey and ginger, add the turnip and season with salt and pepper. On medium heat, fry for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown. Deglaze with a splash of orange juice, let it cook for 1-2 minutes and sprinkle with rosemary.

Ginger Honey Root Steaks