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Elderflower Lime Cake

Whenever I ride around the city on my bike at the moment I feel wrapped in the sweetest smelling cloud of elderflower, black locust (acacia), and chestnut flowers. I don’t know if it’s me – maybe I’m more sensitive this year – but as soon as I open my kitchen window in the morning until I close it […]

Fennel Burger and Elderflower Onion Sandwich with Gruyère

If two passionate cooks are in a relationship you need a well thought-out kitchen plan. My boyfriend and I have a great passion for cooking, we love to experiment with recipes and ingredients but it just doesn’t work at the same time. A cook is a leader and therefore needs total command in the kitchen to guarantee successful […]

Caramelised Elderflower Rosemary Chicken with spicy Potato Wedges

My Elderflower Syrup gets put to good use once again! I marinated chicken breast for a couple hours in elderflower syrup together with some fresh rosemary and was rewarded with the most aromatic, tender meat. Flowery and woody flavours wrapped the chicken, the sticky marinade caramelised the soft surface, it was absolutely delicious! I seared it first and […]

Elderflower Syrup and a Friday Hugo Cocktail

It’s Friday, the weekend is near, the perfect day for a summery cocktail! I don’t need something frilly, I prefer simple and light drinks like a Hugo. This fruity long drink is from the Tyrolean region, it is originally made with sparkling wine but I like it with fruity white wine. The drink is mixed […]

Gooseberry and Fennel Chicken with Mint

Fruits are my new vegetables! Recently, stone fruits and berries replaced zucchini, tomato, and aubergine in quite a few of my recipes, I became experimental and now I’m hooked. The acidity of gooseberries and red, white, or black currants can be challenging, but at the same time it’s exactly this quality that makes them a […]

Crispy Pan-Roasted Coriander Potatoes with Chèvre and Lemon Thyme

Golden roasted potatoes eaten straight out of the pan are an unbeatable culinary delight. Spice it up with crushed coriander seeds, mild fresh chèvre, and aromatic lemon thyme and you’ll have an easy summer lunch (or dinner) that won’t disappoint you. It’s a rustic side for barbecued sausage, steak or ribs, you could even serve it […]

Bavarian Beer Roasted Pork with Sweet Potatoes and Parsnip

You can also find this recipe in my book, Eat In My Kitchen – To cook, to bake, to eat, and to treat. This is the ultimate roast – Bavarian beer roasted pork, also known as Bayerischer Schweinebraten or Krustenbraten. When I visited the Deyerling siblings last week for a meet in your kitchen feature, they reminded me […]